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Mercer Culinary Silicone Plating Brush Set

Mercer Culinary
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Mercer Culinary Silicone Plating Brushes are designed to be the ideal size with superior balance, these brushes are easy to work with and provide excellent control. This set includes; 60-Degree Angle Brush, Comb Brush, Saw Tooth Brush, 5 Millimeter Round Arch Brush, 3 Millimeter Lancet Arch Brush and Canvas Carrying case with Velcro closures.

  • High temperature nylon handle is carefully tapered to allow for multiple gripping positions
  • 480-degrees F (250 C) Food-safe silicone brush head is flexible to keep perfect contact with plate
  • Handle is textured for sure grip even with wet hands
  • Color-coded brush head for easy identification of brush styles
  • Color-coded tip matches the brush head for easy identification if brush head is down in a water bath

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