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Elevated Cooking Grate - Stainless Steel

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Create a Second Level of Grill Space

You get it all with the Elevated Cooking Grate: a larger cooking space AND more versatility to your grilling styles.

  • Add an additional 180 sq. in. of cooking capacity to your grill by creating a second level – perfect for another rack of ribs or more wings!
  • Place the Elevated Cooking Grate directly over the coals for a “Santa Maria-style” grilling experience. A great way to get ultra-crispy, super-juicy chicken without scorching! 
  • Secure fit – rests behind the grate handle and on two pronged “feet” of the cooking grate crossbar.
  • Compatible with standard or hinged Weber 22" cooking grates, our 22" EasySpin grate, and 26" cooking grates.

304 Stainless Steel

We use heavy-duty 304 stainless in this product providing long term durability and reliability. This product will last for decades.

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