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If You Can't Take the Heat, Then You Need Gloves

I have burned my hands... who hasn't.  It sucks.  But you know what I wished I had?  Gloves.  Gloves like this.  Now there is no more "ow that is hot!", "ooo, got some longer tongs?", "I wish I had made the fire not as hot".  Spin your EasySpin™ Grill Grate to get the perfect sear or quickly moving around hot coals.  You will reach for these gloves first! 


  • Made with grade A leather
  • Heat tolerant up to 572°F (300°C)
  • 13-inch length to keep your hands and wrists protected
  • One size fits all with 6" width 
  • Cuff loops allow you to hang them near your grill for quick access
  • Light gray with black layered palm and fingers and red stitching throughout
  • "SnS Grills" printed logo reminds you of all the great meals to come!
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