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Thermometer Storage Case

SnS Grills

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Are you like us?  Thermometer probes everywhere? All in your grilling tools drawer, wrapped around your tongs, preventing you from flipping that beautiful ribeye at exactly the 60 second mark?  Can't find the receiver only to find it magnetically attached to something random in the drawer upside down?  We have the perfect solution for you!

Our newly redesigned Thermometer Storage Case has 5 pockets of varying sizes to fit multiple different thermometers and probes.  Why does it stop there?  Get one for small tools and screw drivers, another for your healthy collection of phone chargers, and yet another one just... well... just because!


  • Black molded plastic exterior is stylish and rugged
  • 5 mesh pockets
  • Zipper allows the case to be opened fully and laid flat for ease of use
  • Embossed logo of SnS Grills ensures that you are always looking fresh no matter what you have stored in this bad boy.

Product Dimensions:

Outside: 11.5" x 7.75" x 2.5"

Inside: 10.5" x 7.25" x 1.75"

*Thermometers pictured are NOT included
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