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SnS Carbon Steel Flat Top Plancha

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Turn Your 22" Grill into a Griddle!

The carbon steel Plancha (griddle) from SnS Grills provides a smooth, flat top cooking surface with excellent thermal conductivity, which is perfect for smash burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, Hibachi style meals, breakfast and much more. Once seasoned*, the natural non-stick cooking surface makes this Plancha (griddle) easy to cook with and also very easy to clean and maintain.

Features Include:

  • 23 lbs of heavy duty, carbon steel with high thermal mass and heat retention
  • 0.25 inch thickness provides strength and durability. Guaranteed not to warp!
  • High quality, smooth polished cooking surface is ideal to ensure the crust stays on the food and not on the steel
  • The specially designed profile allows the Plancha to be rotated 360° so you can position your food over your preferred heat zones without actually moving the food.
  • The combination of the two cut-outs enable the heavy weight of the Plancha to be handled in and out of the grill while wearing gloves. Do not handle when hot. 
  • Large handles provide excellent airflow and allow the ideal placement of a drip tray underneath. The flat edge of the handles makes it convenient for scraping a spatula while cooking.
  • Sits close to the coals to give excellent fuel efficiency
  • Works well with the Slow 'N Sear® for two distinct cooking zones

Specifically designed for:

  • 57cm / 22 inch round Kettle style grills (including Weber)
  • 57cm / 22 inch round Kamado style grills
  • Slow 'N Sear® Kettles
  • Slow 'N Sear® Kamados

The 3 cooking grate supports in your grill need to be of sufficient strength to hold 23 lbs in weight plus foods/liquids. Plancha is 21.65 inches in diameter.

*Each Plancha comes with detailed instructions for seasoning